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Search for the Plant Director

about the client

We were approached by a well-known company, one of the leaders  for the production of dairy products and beverages in Ukraine. Due to the reorganization of the plant and the unwillingness of the current Director of the plant to change his approach, it was decided to attract a new Director of the plant.



Confidential search involves the observance of the strictest confidentiality in the negotiation process with the candidate of interest to us, sometimes the candidate is announced the name of the company only after agreeing his candidacy with the customer.

Confidential search

for 2 weeks

vacancy  closed


The task

The task before us was to conduct an independent evaluation  the successful career path of a particular manager and the results of his work, check the recommendations, feedback from subordinates and find out his motivation, than we might be interested in considering a new job offer.


Our Client got a productive manager, and the candidate got the job of his dreams

The recruitment process

There was a specific manager who worked at a similar company with high standards of work and there was information about his professional skills, which were very important for our customer. We performed a complete collection of information and assessment of professional compliance, conducted 3 rounds of negotiations.  

We successfully coped with this task, thanks to which we formed a very attractive offer to the Director of the plant and he gladly accepted our offer, as his true interests and needs, both professional and material, were taken into account.

We are looking for and presenting candidates until we find the one you want to make an offer to.


With us it is clear, transparent and qualitative, the client is sure of our result.

Recruiting / Executive Search company with more than 14 years of experience with a boutique (individual) approach to working with its customer. We have experience and tools for quality work. We have always been distinguished by the quality of candidates, because we do it with a soul and a full understanding of the culture and specifics of your industry.

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