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about client

International Industrial Holding owning several industrial enterprises in the territory of Ukraine looked for a person with unique competencies: knowledge of marketing, production technology, and fluent English



General Recruitment practice refers to selection of middle-ranking management and unique specialists

Search for unique specialists

after 2 weeks

the vacancy was filled


The goal

Find a Marketing Director having similar experience in the holding structure, with fluent English and successful cases. The difficulty consisted in that a specialist we needed should have engineering education and good knowledge in production technology of construction mixes, in addition to education and experience in markering. And this is the competence of process engineer.

Our result

Our Client got an effective manager within 2 weeks, and the candidate got his dream job

The recruitment process

How we succeeded to solve this impossible task: 

After a number of meetings with potential candidates and experts in construction mixes, using the recommendations of professionals who almost unanimously said that such a combination was impossible, we found the most considerable candidate to the position of Marketing Director who was working as a Project Manager on construction of the large technical mix plant at that time. He appeared to be a hereditary practicioner, a process engineer with work experience as a Commercial Director who directly managed marketing activities, and furthermore, our candidate graduated from the CIM.

We are looking for and offering candidates until we find the one you will want to make a job offer


it is easy and clear to work with us: all processes are transparent, that's why a client is confident in the result


Recruiting / Executive Search company with over 14 years of experience using an individual approach to work with a client. Search for general and function-specific directors, high-qualified and unique specialists, top and middle-ranking managers

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